"ČEK" Thursdays at The Europe House
This fall we're continuing to "check" topics you're interested in, but in a slightly different way. "Thursdays at the Europe House" or ČEK – short from "Četvrtak u Evropskoj Kući" – is the name of our new activity. We plan to organise interesting events every other Thursday, such as workshops, lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, book promotions, and more.
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The EU in Montenegro celebrates Europe Day throughout the month of May this year as well. And unlike last two years, this time we’ll be hanging out in person!
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EU projects - Our friendship is a success story
Find out how the European Union is helping Montenegro on its path to membership, through a clear and practical overview of over 100 EU projects in 14 different areas.
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Examples of SHEvalry and SHEroism
Our new campaign “Examples of SHEvalry and SHEroism”, which we dedicated to renowned women from Montenegrin and EU history, officially began with a panel discussion at the Ribnica Cultural Centre.
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Youth Dialogue
The European Union in Montenegro, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and youth organizations, has launched the " Youth Dialogue" campaign, with aim to connect young people with decision-makers.
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The European Union is the largest donor and investor in Montenegro. Since 2007, it has allocated more than 610 million euros in grants in order to improve the lives of Montenegrin citizens. Through hundreds of projects implemented together with state and local authorities, civil society organisations, businesses and citizens, the European Union has been making a substantive difference in Montenegro over the past 15 years.


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“I gained a lot of experience. Whatever I needed, my colleagues helped me and I am very grateful for this opportunity,” said Sonja in an interview for the Europe House.
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