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Ambassador Popa met with the Young European Ambassadors

At the end of the year when we launched the Dialogue with Youth, the Ambassador of the European Union to Montenegro Oana Cristina Popa met with the Young European Ambassadors to discuss what has been done, but also which topics should be better addressed in the future. Young people were very open, clearly stating the problems that concern them, such as attacks on the LGBT community in Montenegro, biased media coverage and national divisions, a large percentage of young people who want to leave the country and their unclear role in society and more.

Ambassador Popa introduced them to the projects and activities that the European Union is implementing in Montenegro when it comes to overcoming these challenges, but also invited the young people to be active and propose concrete initiatives in order to improve their community.

Young European Ambassadors (YEA) is an initiative dedicated to young people in the Western Balkans, which the European Union launched three years ago in order to give them the opportunity to learn and experience the values ​​of the EU and promote the opportunities that this community offers.

Recently, the third generation of YEA was announced in Montenegro, including Selda Jahjagić, Marija Blažević, Anđela Micić, Merita Dukaj, Edina Osmanović, Filip Jovetić, Lukas Junković, Milutin Radulović, Luka Vukotić, Andrej Bubanja, and Matia Prenkočević. You can find out more about YEA on their platform.