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Association of pensioners visited Europe House

The International Day of the Elderly (1 October) was the occasion for the Association of Pensioners of Podgorica to visit Europe House. Their visit was also an opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss the needs of pensioners and their status in society.

The European integration is a process that affects the entire society, and the elderly are an inevitable part of it. However, as pensioners told the Europe House team, their views and advice are not visible in society. As Momir Joksimovic said, the experience and knowledge of the elders in terms of the European integration can be of great benefit to all citizens.

The Europe House team presented their projects and actions, as well as media products that can be useful to pensioners. They also discussed the possibilities for the elderly to become more involved in the activities of the Europe House. The pensioners, for their part, expressed satisfaction with the visit itself and the fact that the joint gathering was initiated by the Europe House team.

“We are really pleased that we had the opportunity to learn about the work of Europe House. We hope that this is not the only activity that they have prepared for pensioners and that in the coming time we will have the opportunity to hang out more often,” said Pero Vukadinovic, coordinator of the Association’s activities.

After the conversation, the pensioners participated in social games at the Europe House. The winners were praised, and all the guests received special gifts.

The International Day of the Elderly serves as a reminder that it is not only important how long but also how older, fellow citizens live. Their visit to the Europe House was a positive and cheerful image of the elderly and of old age as a stage of life.