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ČEK: Media literacy training at Europe House

As part of our Thursday at Europe House (ČEK) activity, we organised a media literacy training event for citizens over 30 years old, in cooperation with the Media Institute Montenegro. The main participants were teachers from the gymnasium Cetinje, gymnasium Slobodan Škerović, and primary school Savo Pejanović from Podgorica. During the four hours, the participants had the opportunity to improve their media literacy and understand its importance, especially when the situation in the media market is challenging.

The group that attended the training had the opportunity to learn the main principles of how the media works, and how to better analyse their content. During the training, various forms of manipulation were presented, such as fake news, propaganda, or hidden advertising, so participants could learn how to distinguish them from professionally produced journalistic content.

The training was led by our colleague Jelena Kulidzan, who became a media literacy trainer during the “Saznaj i Razaznaj” programme, organised by the Media Institute Montenegro in cooperation with IREX, and financial support by the Embassy of the United States of America in Podgorica. If you are interested in enhancing your media literacy, you can find more info on the social networks of the Media Institute Montenegro.