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European inspirations in Danilovgrad

The “European inspirations” continues its journey. This title exhibition, representing the creative expression of the negotiation process, settled this time on the walls of the Secondary School “Petar I Petrovic Njegos” in Danilovgrad. To recall, the exhibition was made in cooperation between the EU Delegation to Montenegro and Europe House with the NGO “Centre for visual culture” and Montenegrin negotiation structure, aimed to visualise the accession process of Montenegro towards the EU.

The works of art presented at the exhibition are actually the unusual and different approach to the process which has been ongoing for more than a decade so far. These artworks arose as a result of visual facilitation of transferring words into pictures. Initially, students were attending lectures where they got familiar with the process, presented by the Montenegrin negotiation structure. The works of art were prepared by 20 graduates and graphic design students from Donja Gorica University, supported by professors Milica Saranovic and Svetlana Dragojevic.

The accession negotiations process can seem complicated and not very clear. Various chapters, benchmarks, “acquis communitaire,” negotiation groups, clusters, and numerous reports are part of this important but often incomprehensible and complicated process for the citizens, as stated was by Europe House.

“This exhibition is primarily aimed at the youth, and this is how they see the process. Hopefully, it would provide a different approach to the process and bring the EU closer to you through these interesting artworks and the shared data. At the end of story, the conclusion is expected, which in this case is the EU membership. You are the one to express your full potentials in the EU”— was the message from Europe House at the exhibition’s opening ceremony.

After a week at Danilovgrad­­’s school, the “European inspirations” will move on with its journey throughout Montenegro.