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High school students visiting Europe House

European House hosted third grade students from the “Slobodan Skerovic” high school, led by their German language teacher Nemanja Masovic. The visit was organised as part of the activities of the Europe House in promotion of European values among young people with a special focus on the “green agenda.”

The aim of the visit was to acquaint the students with the way the Europe House works and functions, as well as with the programmes, projects, and values that the European Union implements and represents in Montenegro. The students were briefly presented with the path of Montenegro’s membership toward the European Union and the position of young people and the opportunities offered to them during the accession process.

A special segment of the visit was the presentation of the “Pollinator Park,” a virtual reality specially created by the European Commission for the development of critical thinking on the topic of the environment. Young people showed a great interest in the overall message that the “Pollinator Park” brings, as well as a solid knowledge of environmental issues.

“Our hosts made an effort to use virtual reality to try to make the students “aware” about the state in which our environment will find itself in if they do not immediately take certain steps and start acting responsibly,” said professor Nemanja Masovic.

Socialising with the Europe House team after the “official” part of the visit continued with free activities. The young people had at their disposal electric darts and table football so that through games and relaxed conversations they could see a different face of the Europe House.

“In an extremely relaxed and homely atmosphere, students enjoyed free and fun activities, and realised that the charms of a relaxed atmosphere can give rise to many useful and creative ideas. Satisfied and full of positive, pleasant impressions, the students expressed their desire for such activities to become a standard in the future,” professor Masovic presented his impressions of the visit.

The Europe House team is grateful to Viktor, Luka, David, Vuk, Selena, Tara, Angela, Teodora, and their friends for their visit and promises new meetings in the future.