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Journey to the Centre of the Story at Europe House

Psychologists and psychotherapists from the NGO Portret, Jovana Strugar and Branka Ćalasan, packed a “suitcase of psycho-tools” and together we “traveled to the centre of the story” to mark International Day of Happiness at Europe House.

Stories as personal tools serve to reflect on experiences, empathise, and practice perspectives. During the psychology workshop held at Europe House, through the exchange of experiences, exercises, and discussion, participants had the opportunity to discuss important topics in the field of mental hygiene.

“The workshop was well organised, every minute was filled with a creative spirit and cooperation,” one of the participants, Mira Raspopović, pointed out.

Thanks to the support of the European Union, the NGO Portret has developed a support programme for the transition to adulthood, intended for young people in the territory of the Municipality of Bar. However, because of its digital features, it will be available to young people throughout Montenegro, as well.

“The “SUITCASE PSYCHO – TOOLS” aims to create psychological resilience in the transit period of adolescence, develop skills necessary for healthy development in the modern, post-covid age, and awaken activism in the field of mental health,” emphasiaed Branka.

As part of the project, young people will be able to attend workshops and learn about personal, mental healthcare strategies.

Research by this NGO shows that young people spend an average of five hours in front of a screen. That’s why they felt it was important to give them the opportunity to be the creators of the digital space they use as mental health activists.

“This website offers relevant information in the field of mental health, through contact and communication, and will influence the suppression of stigma related to topics in this field. Additionally, it will encourage young people to get involved, and, thus, nurture mental health in the community,” she concluded.

The year 2023 is the European Year of Skills, and socio-emotional and life skills are the basis for every young person to develop their full potential, successfully deal with challenges, become active members of the community, nurture and promote the right values, and contribute to social cohesion.

The project “Responsibility and solidarity: citizens take the initiative” is financed by the European Union and implemented by the FAKT Fund for Active Citizenship.