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3C – Cross-border exchange for the development of Cultural and Creative industries

Cultural heritage represents a strong bond to the past, present, and future. In every society, it gives a sense of unity and makes an inseparable part of the shared identity. That is why it is important to preserve and protect cultural heritage.

By revitalizing heritage through contemporary art, this project contributes to reconnecting culture and territory, and shares knowledge, experience, and creative potential.  It is supported under the Interreg IPA CBC Programme Italy- Albania – Montenegro, with the intention of enhancing the sustainable use of cultural heritage facilities and the development of Cultural and Creative industries (CCI) in the cross-border area. It aims to strengthen cooperation between CCI actors from Italy, Albania and Montenegro, through the establishment of innovative centres with residential arts programmes and joint cross-border cooperation networks.

Therefore, through this project is reconstructed the building of the Old Prison in the Old Town of Kotor, which has the status of an immovable cultural property. It now has the function of a Creative Hub with residential capacities for artists, as well as spaces for individual and joint work. It also provides a great platform for the organization of programs, workshops, trainings, exhibitions and presentations. In other words, the Creative Hub in Kotor is on the right track to becoming a regional center of creativity, as well as a driving force and generator of economic development in the field of culture.

The project ends in June 2022.

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3C – Cross-border exchange for the development of Cultural and Creative industries


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Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Montenegro

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