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Child-friendly tourism in the cross-border region

Tourism is an important source of income for every country and helps in developing mutual understanding, exchange and collaboration across borders. Child-friendly tourism, as part of the tourism industry, can contribute to sustainable community development.

This project is aimed at boosting child-friendly tourism in Montenegro and Albania, countries with traditional lifestyles and abundant natural resources. An improved child-friendly tourism offer will attract a greater number of visitors and thus improve the living standard and employment opportunities in the cross-border region. The project targeted the municipalities of Ulcinj, Bar, Podgorica and Rožaje in Montenegro and the districts of Shkodër and Lezhë in Albania.

The project produced the following results:

  • Tourism industry representatives and civil society organisations from the cross-border area completed a training programme and connected with each other in order to create a novel community-based tourism offer;
  • Tourism associations, civil society organisations and other key stakeholders in child-friendly tourism developed a joint travel package centred around the new offer;
  • Joint promotional activities were conducted in order to present the new child-friendly offer as an innovative tourism product in the cross-border area.

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Child-friendly tourism in the cross-border region


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Municipalities Ulcinj, Bar, Podgorica, Rožaje in Montenegro; Shkodra and Lezha regions in Albania




Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid
Partner: Centre Children Today

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