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EU and UNICEF for early childhood development in Montenegro

Each society has a responsibility to ensure that every child can reach its full potential. To achieve their full potential, all children need nurturing care: good health, optimal nutrition, security and safety, early learning opportunities and responsive caregiving.

In other words, investing in early childhood care means providing children with the best start in life and giving them the best prospects for the future. Healthy development in the early years is the basis for educational achievement, lifelong health, responsible citizenship and strong communities. That is why investing in early childhood development is recognised as one of the best long-term investments for boosting economic growth and eliminating extreme poverty and inequality.

This project aims to advance nurturing care for every young child in Montenegro, through the development of the first national policy on early childhood development. This will be achieved by strengthening the knowledge and skills of service providers to deliver quality services to families and young children, by enabling parents and caregivers to increase positive parenting skills, as well as through raising awareness of the importance of child development to positively influence behaviours and social norms and stimulate demand for quality services.

The project ends in July 2023.

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EU and UNICEF for early childhood development in Montenegro


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Health, Education, Social and Child Protection systems

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