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For Transparency = Against Corruption

Everyone in the European Union has the right to access public information. This enables citizens, civil society and the media to hold all three branches of government accountable, which makes access to information one of the foundations of good governance.

This project aimed at enhancing the rule of law and good governance in Montenegro by increasing the transparency of public institutions and reducing corruption. Spanning over more than two years, the project included the following activities:

  • Providing a comprehensive, accurate and objective overview of problems in accessing information held by public institutions through a variety of analyses grounded in international standards and methodology (better awareness about problems in access to information held by public institutions was described in the published analysis);
  • Improving the legal framework governing citizens’ right to access public information by developing recommendations based on EU standards and best practices, and advocating for their adoption in collaboration with stakeholders (amendments were introduced to the Law on Freedom of Information);
  • Improving access to information in areas prone to corruption by providing free legal assistance to citizens and NGOs, by using a variety of legal mechanisms to obtain concrete information and advocating for improvements based on best practices from other countries (more information on the work of institutions in areas prone to corruption is now publicly available; most of the requested information was obtained for citizens, non-governmental organisations and the media who make use of the Law on Freedom of Information; the obtained information will help detect corruption cases).

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For Transparency = Against Corruption


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