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Further development of local employment initiatives in Montenegro

The EU is a catalyst for social change and is strongly committed to improving living conditions by promoting employment, sustainable economic growth and greater social cohesion within and beyond its borders.

This project focused on enhancing the development of local employment initiatives with a view to boosting the labour market and increasing employability in Montenegro. More specifically, it helped strengthen the capacities of local institutions and organisations to contribute to locally relevant policies in the area of employment and human resource development (HRD).

Additionally, the project delivered a local labour market analysis, while also updating or creating local employment and human resource strategies and corresponding action plans. It also resulted in an analysis of the state of local partnerships for employment (LEPs) in Montenegro and supported the re-establishment and strengthening of already developed LEPs, as well as the development of new LEPs. In this way, the project helped promote partnerships between local employment agencies, local authorities and other public bodies in the area of education, labour market and regional development, social work centres and other social support service providers, as well as representatives of companies, social partners, non-governmental organisations and communities in designing, delivering and monitoring employment activities. It strengthened their capacities for the design, coordination and implementation of local employment policies and EU-funded projects. In short, the project helped create greater employment opportunities for the unemployed in Montenegro.

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Further development of local employment initiatives in Montenegro


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