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Green Lands

Waste collection systems are designed to improve living conditions in cities around the world and are of crucial importance for the efficient protection of the environment.

This project looked to establish an efficient and integrated waste collection system in the municipalities of Berane (Montenegro) and Malësi e Madhe (Albania) with a view to contributing to better environmental protection in these areas.

During the 30-month implementation period, the project resulted in the installation of 16 green islands and the establishment of separate waste collection systems in the target municipalities. The project also contributed to raising citizens’ awareness about the benefits of proper waste collection as well as to strengthening the capacity of public institutions in charge of environmental issues in these municipalities. Some of the concrete activities involved separate waste collection, recycling and reduction of waste at individual and collective level, with the purpose of changing the attitudes of citizens and institutions towards their current problems concerning waste and pollution.

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Green Lands


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Municipality of Berane (Montenegro) and Municipality Malesi e Madhe (Albania)




Municipality of Berane (Montenegro)
Partners: Caritas Montenegro; VIS Albania; Municipality Malesi e Madhe (Albania)

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