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Integration of key competences into the education system of Montenegro

Key competences are the sum of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to live in contemporary knowledge-based society. They are very important when it comes to employability, social inclusion and active citizenship. Therefore, everyone has the right to develop key competences.

The European Union promotes and supports the development of key competences and basic skills for all, from an early age throughout life, not just in its Member States, but also beyond.

This project looked to improve the quality of primary and secondary education and provide support to initial teacher education (ITE), continuous professional development (CPD) and quality assurance (QA) at primary, secondary and higher education levels in Montenegro. During the implementation period, the project supported the development of key policy and framework documents, as well as of the national key competence curriculum framework. It also helped put into practice the implementation plan leading to improvements of inputs, outputs and effectiveness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In short, the project contributed to a smoother integration of key competences into the education system of Montenegro.

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Integration of key competences into the education system of Montenegro


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Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports; Institute for Education; Examination center; University of Montenegro; Faculty of Natural Sciences; VET center; Primary and Secondary Schools

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