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Investigative journalism is a safeguard for freedom of speech. It strengthens democratic accountability and encourages debate. Therefore, the EU upholds various initiatives that promote investigative journalism, the protection of journalism and the safety of journalists within its borders and beyond.

This project was aimed at increasing the level of investigative journalism of public broadcasters, thus enabling Radio Television of Montenegro (RTCG) to report fairly, continuously, freely and in a professional and ethical manner on issues relevant to the EU integration process.

During its implementation period, it helped strengthen professional and technical capacities of the Investigative desk of RTCG to continuously produce high-profile media content. Within this project was produced and published “Mechanism” – a special show related to Montenegro’s European Integration process. Five of its episodes covered the following 6 negotiation chapters: Chapter 5: Public Procurement, Chapter 8: Competition Policy, Chapter 16: Taxation, Chapter 17: Economic and Monetary Policy, Chapter 23: Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, and partially Chapter 9: Financial Services. The show has won several local, regional and European awards.

The project also contributed to connecting regional public broadcasters, with the aim of establishing Investigative desks in each of them. One of its main outcomes was the organization of a regional conference in Podgorica, which gathered management and journalists from public broadcasters in the Balkans.

Moreover, it helped raise awareness of the general public and relevant stakeholders about the significance and effects of investigative journalism.

The project ended in February 2018.

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“Mechanism” reloaded


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