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Montenegro and Albania towards Zero Waste

Zero waste protects the environment, benefits the economy and promotes social equity. For this reason, it is vital to raise public awareness about the negative health and environmental impacts of rubbish, as well as about all the benefits that a zero waste approach brings to society.

This project aims to reduce residual waste through waste reduction, reuse and recycling measures in the municipality of Gusinje in Montenegro and municipality of Tropojë in Albania. It will guide the local communities in these municipalities towards a zero waste philosophy, connecting them to the European Zero Waste network.

The project is expected to achieve the following results:

  • The launch of a platform guiding the local communities towards the Zero Waste concept;
  • The local communities will be encouraged and supported to reduce, recycle and reuse waste;
  • The sustainability of Zero Waste practices will be secured.

Project name:

Montenegro and Albania towards Zero Waste


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Municipality of Gusinje in Montenegro; Municipality of Tropoje, (Margegaj administrative unit) in Albania




Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije
Partners: Crna Gora bez smeća, Zero Waste Montenegro; Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation

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