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Orient/East-Med Corridor: Railway Bar – Vrbnica

Building and connecting transport and energy infrastructure is a key driver of growth and jobs. Improved transport and energy infrastructure unlocks innovation, attracts investments and creates huge social benefits. That is why the EU constantly invests in this area.

The Orient/East-Med Corridor connects large parts of Central Europe with ports in the North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas. Its extension into the Western Balkans along Route 4 is approximately 580 km long. It runs from Vršac (on the Serbia – Romania border) to Belgrade (Serbia) and then to Podgorica and Bar (Montenegro).

This project focuses on improving the railway infrastructure in Montenegro, more precisely the Bar – Vrbnica section. It is the main railway line of Montenegro’s rail network, carrying around 20% of all passenger volume and 60% of freight. This route opened in 1976 and since then there has been no major overhaul of the signaling systems, nor of the numerous bridges and tunnels located on this route. Many elements on this line are now reaching the end of their economic life.

With this project, the EU supports the installation of modern signaling and telecommunication systems in and around Podgorica, rehabilitation of 29 concrete bridges and 20 tunnels, as well as urgent rehabilitation works along slopes at risk of landslides. The project will directly benefit 750,000 passengers using the line on an annual basis and indirectly the broader economy by facilitating trade, regional integration and sustainable growth.

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Orient/East-Med Corridor: Railway Bar – Vrbnica


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Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro JSC Podgorica

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