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Persons with disabilities – leaders in beekeeping

Beekeeping is a profitable enterprise, as it helps self-employment and poverty reduction, while not having a negative impact on the environment. This project was aimed at developing beekeeping as a good self-employment opportunity for persons with disabilities in the border regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

As part of the project, 40 persons with disabilities attended tailor-made training and mentorship programmes. This helped build their capacities in beekeeping and offered them guidance for their self-employment in the sector. They were also provided with equipment starter packs, including apiary sites and hives.


Additionally, the project enabled the installation and fitting-out of honey packing facilities. Also, it helped establish honey producers clusters – one in Montenegro and the other one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with twenty members per cluster in each country. Furthermore, the project supported the development a plan for the marketing of products was developed as well as the networking of honey producers in the cross-border region.

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Persons with disabilities – leaders in beekeeping


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Montenegro: Berane, Petnjica, Mojkovac, Kolasin and Danilovgrad Bosnia and Herzegovina: Foca, Pale, Nevesinje, Rudo, Prozor/Rama and Sokolac




NGO Union of Associations of Parents of Children and Youth with Disabilities “Naša inicijativa” (MNE)
Partners: Association for Help to Children and Youth with Special Needs “Sunce” (BiH); Pale – Beekeepers Association (BiH); Uljanik – Beekeepers Association (MNE)

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Success story

Persons with disabilities – leaders in beekeeping

Success story

Persons with disabilities – leaders in beekeeping