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Recovery through Solidarity: Citizens Take the Lead

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are drivers of change in every society. They have a very important role in promoting and protecting the rule of law, democracy and human rights. They also represent the voice of different communities, including vulnerable groups and youth, and fight for their rights.

With this project, civil society organisations in Montenegro are provided with financial support and mentoring to further strengthen their capacities and develop policies that support youth and the most disadvantageous groups affected by the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of 11 CSOs were supported through a €120,000 worth project’s sub-granting scheme. Specifically, grants worth up to €20,000 were awarded to 4 CSOs for projects addressing the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemics. Grants worth up to €10,000 were awarded to 7CSOs for projects aimed at supporting youth and vulnerable groups affected by the Covid-19 pandemics.

In short, this project creates a more favorable environment for social service providers and youth organizations, supporting them to show innovation and respond to the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic and to further develop into professional, effective and accountable independent actors. In addition, the project will contribute to improving the visibility and image of CSOs in public, through a public campaign that promotes solidarity and optimism as core values of civil society.

The project ends in December 2023.

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Recovery through Solidarity: Citizens Take the Lead


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Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT Podgorica, NGO Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities, Ray of Hope Pljevlja and NGO Active Zone Cetinje

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Success story

Recovery through Solidarity: Citizens Take the Lead

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Implemented by the NGO Monitor Center for Media and Democracy, with an aim to help reducing the level of peer violence against Roma youth. In order to raise awareness of peer violence against members of the Roma community, this sub-grant included production of several research articles. In the research process were also involved journalists from the Roma portal “Romalitika”.