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Reform of National Disability Determination System

All disability rights in the sectors of social protection, employment, pension and war veterans, education and health directly depend on the design of the disability assessment/determination system. The current national disability determination system in Montenegro is predominantly based on the outdated medical disability assessment/determination model.

Against that background, this project aims to fully reform the national disability determination system in Montenegro, in line with applicable national legislation and the ratified UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This will be the first step towards a society in which persons with disabilities are better understood, less excluded from processes and socially isolated. Upon such reform, persons with disabilities will have more just, more equal and easier access to all kinds of cash benefits and services.

Additionally, this project will help terminate the mandates of the existing 30 commissions and replace them with a single national entity – the Institute for Disability Determination. Once established, the Institute will conduct disability determination based on a new, uniform national methodology for all the sectors. In other words, the project will help create a new system with simple procedures and raise awareness within the country about all the possibilities that persons with disabilities have, as well as about their contribution to Montenegrin society.

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Reform of National Disability Determination System


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Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport; Ministry of Economic Development; Ministry of Justice and Minority Rights; CSOs; Institute for Public Health; Pension Fund; Employment Agency; Social Welfare Centers

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