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The feminine side of quality

Increased participation of women in the workforce is one of the most important components of development, economic growth and fight against unemployment in every society.

This project was aimed at promoting cross-border cooperation, as well as at enhancing employability in Ulcinj (Montenegro) and Lezhë district (Albania) by empowering women to start their own business and be paid for their work. More specifically, it promoted and strengthened the links between training and labour market demands through skills development and enhanced employment opportunities. It contributed to the employability of women, especially those from rural areas, by using the agricultural potential of both Montenegro and Albania. This was achieved by combining the tradition of organic production with contemporary methods and standards, as the market is in need of local, homemade and traditional products.

The project enabled all relevant stakeholders to facilitate women’s access to the labour market and promoted women’s work and products by ensuring for their placement on the market. In short, the project resulted in an increase in the number of economic initiatives, greater support for women, as well as in enhanced capacities of women and better employment opportunities for this population.

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The feminine side of quality


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Ulcinj in Montenegro and Mirdite in Albania




Municipality of Ulcinj; Partners: NGO MoGUL in Montenegro; Municipality of Mirdita; UET Centre in Albania

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