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Successful integration of young people in the labour market is important not just for their own well-being and economic prospects, but also for social cohesion and economic growth. It is therefore vital to support youth inclusion in society and the labour market, as well as youth entrepreneurship, especially through entrepreneurship education and training activities.

This project aims to foster social inclusion and contribute to increased employability of young people in the Capital City of Podgorica and the municipalities of Tuzi and Bar in Montenegro, and in Shkodër district in Albania. It will support young people to start their own businesses through entrepreneurship education and start-ups. More precisely, the project will help develop an entrepreneurial climate to increase the number of start-ups with potential to become small and medium-sized enterprises or high growth firms, generating incomes and employment opportunities in the cross-border area.

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Albania: Shkoder; Montenegro: Podgorica, Tuzi and Bar




Partners Albania for Change and Development
Partners: Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid; Youth Intellectuals- Hope

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Patrimonio estate: A successful IPARD story

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Implemented by the NGO Monitor Center for Media and Democracy, with an aim to help reducing the level of peer violence against Roma youth. In order to raise awareness of peer violence against members of the Roma community, this sub-grant included production of several research articles. In the research process were also involved journalists from the Roma portal “Romalitika”.