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ČEK: I (don’t) belong here – Imposter Syndrome

“It’s that feeling when we anxiously await the moment of exposure. I’m here by mistake, I’m only here because I’ve been very lucky, and at some point, everyone will discover that I don’t really know what I’m doing,” this is how Jelena Marković Smart Change, defines imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is quite common, but it’s usually avoided in conversations because of the unrealistic fear of exposure.

With the ČEK workshop held at Europe House, we marked International Mental Health Day and learned that imposter syndrome is closely tied to self-criticism and that imposter syndrome is a common cause of anxiety.

I’m here by mistake!

They will find out I’m not good enough for this position!

I just got lucky!

With Jelena’s help, we uncovered that one of the causes of imposter syndrome is pathological perfectionism, for which she says: “Wherever you are, whatever you have achieved, you have achieved it despite–and not thanks to– perfectionism.”

During the workshop, which was also available live on our YouTube channel, we went through several useful techniques and tools that can help us deal with anxiety.

With the use of these techniques, we learned how to calm ourselves when our inner self is in turmoil. We learned how to live with that emotion and how to be present here and now, with the anxious thoughts and all other thoughts that make up our lives and who we are.