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ČEK: The skill of posing textual queries to Chat GPT

Europe House organised a workshop dedicated to the skill of posing textual queries to Chat GPT, titled ČEK: The skill of posing textual queries to Chat GPT. This workshop, which was organised as part of the European Year of Skills, attracted participants from various fields of interest.

This was the first of two workshops that Europe House organised in collaboration with the Montenegrin Association for Artificial Intelligence. This association was founded in 2022 with the aim of studying and promoting artificial intelligence. This collaboration represents an important step towards improving the understanding and application of artificial intelligence in Montenegro.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to learn about the history of Chat GPT.

“Everyone can, and everyone should find their own style and way of using Chat GPT,” said lecturer Miodrag Vujković. He emphasised that Chat GPT is one of the big language models and that the conversation with it can be tailored to individual preferences.

Vujković also shared useful guidelines for effectively querying Chat GPT.

“It’s a chat, so you don’t have to stop at the first query. If you don’t like the reply, continue the conversation: Remove this for me; Add that for me; Change this for me… It’s a chat. It is just like talking to a human, and, as you know, not even humans can guess what you want from the first try,” advised Vujković.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the limitations of Chat GPT. The workshop highlighted that this tool is not recommended for certain purposes, especially in critical situations or when making serious decisions. Conversing with Chat GPT should be understood as an informal dialogue, not as a substitute for expert opinion or analysis.

“Talk to it as if you were talking to people,” concluded Vujković. He also reminded that the interaction with Chat GPT is most effective when the communication is established with clear guidelines and an adequate amount of data.

This article was entirely written and translated by Chat GPT.

The ČEK workshop: The skill of posing textual queries to Chat GPT was available live on our YouTube channel.