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Discover the EU through “Super Zvjezdana” Comic Book

To mark its first birthday, Europe House prepares “Super Zvjezdana” comic book for younger audience.

Stardust, Prljavo Bure as the villain, a heroine, and animals in trouble. This is the magical world visually brought to life by Luka Cakić, comic book illustrator from Montenegro. The idea was suggested by Europe House.

Europe House prepared a special surprise for the youngest as part of the first birthday celebration. The comic book Super Zvjezdana follows the adventures of our heroine through the depths of the universe, where new discoveries, interesting characters, and lots of laughter await us.

“Our goal was to bring the European Union and her values to the kids. Through this comic book, the kids will be able to learn about the necessity to preserve nature, that we are all different and that those differences unite us. This is the message we want to send from our first birthday celebration,” said Marina Babić, from Europe House.

Super Zvjezdana rushes to help the bee, the fish, and the bear. Villain Prljavo Bure doesn’t know how to care about nature. Through our adventures, learn valuable lessons that nature must be respected and that we can all, using small steps, make significant changes. Zvjezdana sends a beautiful message that the community is important and that we are all united in our differences.

“I think that kids will love Super Zvjezdana,” said Luka Cakić, comic book illustrator.

Luka is a cinephile, so film has had a significant influence on his work.

“I started with portrait drawing, which later led me to illustrations. Since 2015, I’ve been doing comics and drawing illustrations professionally,” Luka recalls.

As this talented illustrator says, drawing for kids is challenging, but when you know a few tricks, the challenge turns into pleasure.

“They like warm colours and themes, something joyful and educational. It is not difficult when you have this many guidelines for the wanted creation. My message to the kids is to read as much as possible. Read everything that builds creativity and that pushes one to learn something new. I encourage them to stay engaged and to push forward,” Luka concludes.

Europe House marks its first birthday on Friday, 26 May.

Comic book “Super Stella” read online or download here