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EU Ambassador visits Municipality of Kolasin: €9 million for Kolasin’s infrastructural problems

Numerous projects through which the European Union supports the Municipality of Kolasin and the ways in which this support could be continued were the topics covered during the visit of Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro to Kolasin. Ambassador Oana Cristina Popa met with the Mayor of the municipality, Vladimir Martinovic, and beneficiaries of EU funds from the area of the Municipality of Kolasin. They discussed the support that the EU continuously provides to the local community and the possibilities of joint efforts to help the local population and the development of Kolasin.

Good accessibility and reliable transport infrastructure are essential for the growing economy of Kolasin, especially for tourism, said Ambassador Popa, stating that the European Union provides support to the Municipality in every segment of development. The European Union invested over €9 million for the reconstruction of two sections of the Belgrade-Bar railway in the territory of the Municipality, and the same amount of money was allocated for the city’s infrastructural problems.

“Regarding communal infrastructure, which is necessary both to improve the quality of life of the local population and to serve the growing number of visitors, the EU has allocated close to €9 million to help the Municipality improve the water supply system and build a wastewater treatment plant and a sewage network,” explained Popa.

The Ambassador added that the project is ripe for tendering because the EU has already financed the preparation of the technical documentation. Therefore, it is very important that the Municipality appoints enough qualified personnel to ensure the efficient management of this significant investment.

In a conversation with beneficiaries of European funds, the local entrepreneurs who, thanks to EU funds, improved their own business or opened new jobs, and farmers of the Kolasin region, Ambassador Popa supported the efforts to protect the unique natural heritage of this region.

“It is important that economic development and the conservation of nature go hand in hand, and that key areas are protected from exploitation. The EU is ready to continue to support such access to natural resources. I hope that these and other future projects financed by the EU will be successfully implemented, in order to contribute to the ever more dynamic development of Kolasin, which, I hope, we will all witness soon,” said Popa.

Ambassador Popa also visited the state-owned ski resort Kolasin 1600 and invited everyone who can do the same and take advantage of the softened winter season to enjoy the ski slopes and the hospitality of the Kolasin people. As for the EU, said Ambassador Popa, support for the local community’s efforts to make Kolasin an even nicer place to live and visit will continue.