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EU Awards for Investigative Journalism in Montenegro

“Today’s awards ceremony is an opportunity to recall the responsibility of Montenegrin authorities to create an enabling environment in which all journalists can work in safety, without fear of harassment, political pressure, censorship or persecution,” said the EU Ambassador to Montenegro, Oana Cristina Popa, at the event organised at Europe House.

Among the laureates were journalists from Montenegro whose stories were published last year and were assessed as the best by the expert jury.

The first prize went to journalist Đurđa Radulović (Centre for Investigative Journalism) for the article “Silence That Speaks – Maternity Hospitals Violate WHO Recommendations.”

The second prize went to journalist Olivera Lakić (Libertas Press) for the series of articles on high level corruption in Montenegro’s judiciary system and for the series of articles on crime and corruption within the structures of the Montenegrin police.

The third prize was awarded for the stories “Pandora Papers: Russian Offshore Millions for Luxury Real Estate in Montenegro,” by Dejan Milovac (MANS Research Centre), and “The Secret E-Gambling Affair” by the group of authors that includes: Vladimir Otašević, Jovo Martinović, Marko Vešović, and Andras Kiraly (RTV Nikšić, LUPA Research Centre).

The winners were chosen by the jury members who are prominent experts in the field of journalism: Boro Kontić, Nataša Ružić, and Tena Perišin.

The national award ceremony is part of a broader project titled “EU Awards for Investigative Journalism in the Western Balkans and Turkey,” which is supported by the European Union.

The ceremony is organised by Thomson Media, a foundation with decades of experience in supporting media development.