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From Old Trails to Improved Tourism Offers through the ReLOaD Programme

Right next to the clear Jelavica River begins the trail that was used by villagers for livestock grazing in the summer pastures. This shepherd’s path used to connect the village of Lubnice and the Vodotres katun, however until recently, it had been neglected and was impassable.

Thanks to the efforts of the locals and the support of the EU through the ReLOaD programme funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNDP, the trail has been cleared and given a new look. It has now been transformed into a tourist hiking trail.

“We marked the track and set up signs. And, most importantly, we presented all of this digitally on open platforms such as Open Street Map, the Outdoor Active platform, and similar ones. People can now download the content and explore the trail on their own,” said Dalibor Šekularac, from the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi, and Prokletije.

If you decide to walk along this trail, you’ll journey through picturesque landscapes, discover natural wealth, and feel the peace and tradition hidden within this unfairly forgotten trail.

“Through this small project, we enriched the offer that rural households provide,” emphasises Dalibor, adding that projects like these are crucial as they give rural households experience in project implementation.

“Even though these projects are small, they’re executed just like the big ones,” he concludes.

The secluded village of Lubnice has lot to offer, from natural wealth and rural households to mountain cuisine and hiking tours. It is surrounded by the Bjelasica massif and nestled in enchanting nature.

With much love, effort, and the right support, rural tourism is rising to a crescendo.