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Herasymenko: Russia must not prevail

“Russian attacks are part of a campaign to destroy not only Ukraine and the Ukrainian identity but also to spread fear among all of us,” said the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Montenegro Janina Hrebičkova during the commemoration of the second anniversary of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

The event was organised in cooperation of  Embassy of Czech Republic to Montenegro, Embassy of Ukraine to Montenegro, and Europe House.

“The goal of Moscow is to break down Ukraine and weaken the EU and NATO. If Russia emerges as the victor, our security will be in danger, and the price we will pay will not be just financial,” Hrebičkova emphasised during her address.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Montenegro Oleh Herasymenko expressed concern that Putin’s plans go beyond Ukraine.

“After 24 years, Putin has deviated from reality, obsessed with pseudo-historical illusions. He believes that Russia is above international law, and his primary interest is solely the expansion of Russia, which poses a danger to the whole of Europe and NATO,” Herasymenko stated.

He expressed gratitude to the Czech Republic and Montenegro, which, considering their populations, have proportionally received the largest number of Ukrainians since the beginning of the invasion.