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Preserving cultural landscape of Albania and Montenegro

As tourist destinations, both Montenegro and Albania are committed to further developing their tourism products. Taking into account that some areas in the mountainous zones in both countries have become more attractive for investment, this project recognised the importance of protecting and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of such zones, while developing sustainable tourism at the same time.

The overall objective of this project was to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism sector by economic valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage in both countries. Specifically, it aimed to preserve traditional architecture as an important part of the cultural heritage of the cross-border area by providing assistance in the rehabilitation of existing buildings and developing technical solutions to preserve the traditional aspects for future buildings. It targeted the municipalities of Berane, Petnjica, Andrijevica, Plav and Gusinje in Montenegro, and the region of Shkodra in Albania.

During the implementation period, the project raised awareness of what constitutes cultural heritage and why it is important to preserve it. It also facilitated access to local cultural heritage for tourists and locals and ensured the preservation and sustainable use of cultural heritage for tourism purposes in both countries.

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Preserving cultural landscape of Albania and Montenegro


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Montenegro: Municipalities of Berane, Petnjica, Andrijevica, Plav and Gusinje; Albania: Shkodra region




Polimski Museum
Partners: Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Proketije; Regional Council of Shkoder; EuroPartners Development

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Success story

Preserving cultural landscape of Albania and Montenegro

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Implemented by the NGO Monitor Center for Media and Democracy, with an aim to help reducing the level of peer violence against Roma youth. In order to raise awareness of peer violence against members of the Roma community, this sub-grant included production of several research articles. In the research process were also involved journalists from the Roma portal “Romalitika”.