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Sportsmanship, Aromas, and Flavours of Belgium at Europe House

Coffee with the Ambassador of Belgium at Europe House was the perfect opportunity for conversation, coffee, and some light stretching.

The Ambassador of Belgium, Cathy Buggenhout, shared with us the values of sportsmanship, and through some light exercises, competitions for the slightly more skilled, drinks, and Belgian flavours, we learned more about her personal and career path.

Belgium has been presiding over the Council of the European Union during the first half of 2024 and will continue to do so until 30 June.

”Belgium has six priorities for this presidency term: defending the rule of law, democracy and unity, enhancing competitiveness, green and fair transition, strengthening the social and health agenda, protecting people and borders, and promoting a global Europe,” said Ambassador Buggenhout.

She also added that “Europe needs to remain strong and become even stronger.”

As part of the event “Coffee with the Ambassador of Belgium,” the Ambassador spoke about her beautiful country, healthy lifestyles, and mental and physical health.

”Sport has always been an important part of my life. I believe it’s crucial to provide women with equal opportunities and support them. Sport is also important for mental health,” emphasised Ambassador Buggenhout.

The Ambassador said that it’s also important for people to be happy and to do what makes them happy because happiness comes in different forms.

“For me, sport is happiness,” Ambassador Buggenhout added with a smile.

The Ambassador revealed how she “fell in love” with rugby and found herself among the top 15 rugby players in the world.

“Through rugby, you push your own limits, but you don’t do it alone. You are part of a team. The team is everywhere around us. The team is essential,” she emphasised.

Ambassador Buggenhout promotes inclusion and equality in all areas, including sport, through her work.

Her message to the youth is: Be yourselves.

As part of the event, we took a stroll through Belgium and through comics. We opened the exhibition “Exploring Belgium Through Comics, ” which showcases the dynamics of Belgian authors and the evolution of an art form.

As part of the event, we also organised push-up and endurance competitions.

Belgians are true coffee fans. They have long nurtured the tradition of combining coffee and chocolate, their national treasures and pride. That’s why today we enjoyed the Belgian coffee Ray Jules, which is good for the body as well as for the planet.

It is produced through a patented method of roasting using solar energy and it preserves the full range of flavours and aromas from hand-picked beans.

“Coffee with Ambassadors” is the name of our new activity through which Europe House opens its doors for citizens to have the opportunity to meet with representatives of EU member states in Montenegro and learn more about their countries through an open dialogue.