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ČEK: A digital workshop for seniors was organised

Seventy-six-year-old Cica Jakovljević is a mountaineer. She proudly points out that she walks seven to ten thousand steps every day. Her steps are counted through a mobile application.

However, our interlocutor points out that she does not use e-services.

“As long as I can go, I go to make an appointment. It’s my way out,” adds Cica with a laugh.

Her friend Milena Andrijašević is 75 years old and still curious. As she told us, her curiosity brought her to us.

“We had several workshops to master the use of mobile phones. Your topic is a plus,” says Milena.

This Thursday at Europe House (ČEK) was dedicated to seniors who want to learn how to use digital tools.

Through the workshop “The Internet and Us: Tools for every day use,” Snežana Nikčević from the NGO 35mm showed the step by step process of how our elderly fellow citizens can use certain applications that significantly save time and energy.

We learned how to scan documents using a smartphone in different forms and how to send scanned documents to different platforms.

Through a practical exercise, we also encouraged our older participants to use e-telegram, which is a service of the Post of Montenegro.

“This kind of work requires patience because it is important that our senior citizens go through the process themselves at least once, from start to finish, and that you support them throughout the process. A really wonderful group of people, full of enthusiasm, a desire to learn, and what I really appreciate: very active to ask anything they don’t understand – which is not always the case unfortunately. When you see how ready they are to get out of their comfort zone and adapt because using technology is a necessity for them and not a choice – it will be an inspiration and motivation to keep working,” Snežana told us.

We initially talked about how our digital identity works and why it is important to understand how the mobile phone and the applications on it work.

In cooperation with the NGO 35mm, through “The Internet and Us” series of events, we work with groups of different ages, providing them with support to develop digital skills of various kinds.

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