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ČEK: From Green Ideas to Green Businesses (Series of Workshops)

Spring brings green workshops to Europe House

Europe House dedicated March and April to green ideas and the green approach to life.

In collaboration with the fantastic team of Green Wave (NGO Green Wave), we organised a series of workshops titled From Green Ideas to Green Businesses.

During the first workshop—Green Ideas, participants led by Dejana Dizdar ventured into the world of ideas. A world open to creating innovative solutions focused on sustainability and environmental protection.

Through interactive activities such as role-playing scenarios and building challenges, creativity was encouraged in participants with a focus on environmentally friendly approaches and technologies.


The combination of these activities helped participants break away from conventional thinking patterns and open up to new and innovative ideas that lie beyond the usual framework.

April now brings us a true green wave.

Second Workshop: Elements of a Green Business Plan (4 April)

This workshop will provide participants with deeper insights into the key elements of a business plan with a focus on green initiatives and sustainability. Participants will learn how to identify environmental challenges and opportunities in their country, optimise resource usage, and promote environmentally responsible products or services. Through examples of best practices, participants will gain an understanding of how to develop a green business plan that ensures long-term success with minimal negative impact on the environment.

Third Workshop: Green Marketing (11 April)

Through this workshop, participants will explore green marketing strategies which promote environmentally responsible business practices and raise consumer awareness about sustainability. By analysing the target audience with environmental awareness, researching the market for environmentally friendly products or services, and developing sustainability-focused marketing campaigns, participants will learn how to build a brand based on environmental protection values. The workshop will also explore the application of digital marketing and social media as tools for promoting green initiatives.

Fourth Workshop: Financing and Funding Sources for Green Businesses (18 April)

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of various funding sources for green businesses and how to find support for sustainability-oriented projects. Through an overview of options such as green investments, sustainable development funds, subsidies for environmental projects, and alternative funding models, participants will learn how to secure the necessary resources to start and grow their green enterprise.