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Exhibition on biodiversity at Gorica Hill showcases 18 permanent panels

To mark the World Environment Day, in cooperation with the Agency for the Management of Protected Areas of Podgorica, Europe House installed eighteen permanent panels which will serve as a permanent exhibition space on Gorica Hill. Representatives from Europe House and the Capital officially opened the first exhibition titled “Protect What You Love – Biodiversity of the Protected Areas of Podgorica.”

The first celebration of World Environment Day took place way back in 1974, under the slogan Only  one Earth. The goal of this Day was to remind everyone that nature has no borders – that it belongs to everyone, especially those who are yet to come. The goal of World Environment Day is to raise environmental awareness, motivate active thinking about environmental issues, and encourage cooperation that will ensure a greener future.

Nearly 50 years since the first commemoration and the slogan “Only one Earth,” we can also say “Only one Gorica. Only one Montenegro,” said Nataša Beširević, from Europe House, during the grand opening of the exhibition. Beširević expressed gratitude to the city of Podgorica and the Agency for the Management of Protected Areas of Podgorica for being part of the daily and concrete efforts to preserve biodiversity and the environment alongside the European Union.

“Nature knows no limits, and therefore, environmental issues such as air pollution, plastic pollution, consumption of natural resources, rising sea levels, and food security are problems that affect us all. That’s why the European Union initiated the European Green Week over 20 years ago, which is celebrated this year from 3 to 11 June. It is crucial for all of us to become aware of the necessity to stop the degradation of the ecosystem and prevent the catastrophic consequences of climate change,” emphasised Beširević.

Dragutin Drago Đeković, Director of the Agency for the Management of Protected Areas of Podgorica (AUZP), stated that under his leadership, the Agency has been working on expanding the protected areas of the Capital over the past two years. Establishing an agency that will manage these areas, including nature parks, was a pioneering step, and however challenging, it resulted in a modern and efficient administration, Đeković explained. He mentioned that the EU Delegation to Montenegro and Europe House were among the first to recognise the Agency’s work and provide support for the ideas it intends to implement.

“This is the first exhibition of its kind, and I am extremely pleased that we have the opportunity to showcase all the beauties of the Capital because we have four protected areas. Each of these panels represents a part of our history and the love we carry for these areas. Our intention was to share this with the citizens of Podgorica, to somehow draw their attention to what our Capital has and the importance of working towards improving the environment and the protected areas of the Capital. The way we treat nature is the way she will treat us,” said Đeković.

The tale about the biodiversity of the Capital’s protected areas unfolded through a captivating display on eighteen permanent panels. The exhibition showcased a diverse array of animal and plant species, along with alluring destinations nestled within the protected areas where they thrive