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Marun’s Plants at Europe House

Plants teach you responsibility, explains Marija Marković, whom many know as Marun. Marun’s plants are well-known among nature lovers, and on june 9th, around ten pupils joined her army of plant enthusiasts at Europe House.

As part of the EU Green Week, Europe House organised a “green” workshop for pupils. They had the opportunity to learn about green skills and create their first terrarium.

Youth worker, Jelena Fuštić, shared her knowledge with the pupils, while Marija Marković introduced them to kokedamas and plant terrariums, and talked about the art of creating floral arrangements.

“Green skills are related to nature, our environment, and the ecosystem. It is crucial that we have a healthy relationship with the environment – to use its resources but not to pollute it,” emphasised Jelena.

Every small garden, or plant arrangement, grown in a glass container, is called a terrarium. If you love plants but don’t have enough space for a garden, a terrarium is an excellent way to nurture your love and decorate the interior in a special way.

This is Marija’s first workshop with pupils, so she is very excited.

“I have been growing plants since high school, and my collection has only grown since then. Terrariums have always fascinated me – terrariums and everything untouchable behind the glass. It was incredible,” said Marija.

Her love for plants, she says, was born in early childhood.

“My grandma adored plants. I inherited that relationship with plants from her. She used to talk to her plants, to violets, because whoever can listen can also give them whatever they need,” recalls this talented girl.

How was the workshop? “Great!” the pupils responded in unison.

The EU Green Week will take place from 3-11 June. The European Union is the global leader in environmental protection and supports Montenegro on its path to a healthier environment. The EU has invested € 40 million so far in environmental protection in Montenegro. Through various projects, the EU has assisted in waste management, air protection, and the preservation of important habitats. It has also participated in the improvement and construction of the sewerage network in Montenegro.