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Butorović Dairy: With EU Support, this Team can do anything

One team, one family. A team that can do anything. Sladjana Butorović from Nikšić is running a goat farm, and her family helps her in this business. The youngest members, as well as other four workers, are engaged in the goats, milk, and cheese business, and, here, there is work for everyone…
Hard work and dedication were not enough for the farm to prosper. The support they received from the EU through the IPARD programme helped them improve their business. Today, after ten years, the herd counts over 250 goats, and Butorović Dairy produces around 400 litres of milk and 35 kilograms of cheese daily. They prepare fresh cheese, whey, cheese with herbs, and cheese in olive oil.
“We started with 30 goats and a facility that we built. We began with only that. Neither my husband nor I had any experience. We grew fond of these animals. When the kidding process started, we even kept the offspring,” Sladjana recalls.
Through the IPARD programme, they acquired two milk coolers, a duplicator, agricultural machinery for forage processing, and also built two barns. “We are very satisfied, and it would be a shame not to make the most of it. Whenever there is an opportunity in that project, we are always the first to apply,” she emphasises.
“We don’t use any additives or preservatives in any of our products. Everything is pure and natural,” Sladjana says.
It all started with the advice “food is the future, and we should produce something.” The Butorović family decided to produce goat cheese. Over time, their love for goats grew as well. With small steps and the right support, the Butorović family turned a small herd into a family business. Nestled in Štedim, near Nikšić, Butorović Dairy is a true IPARD success story. It’s a story that assures us that, if you have an idea, the right team, and the right support, you can achieve anything.