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FRUDO – 100% Natural Fruit Juices

Natural, healthy and without additives. “These juices are pure wonder,” is the slogan that best captures the taste of the fruit juices produced by the Frudo factory. The company Redcomerc has been involved in the import and purchase of fruits and vegetables for many years.
“The logical sequence was to open a factory for processing those fruits and vegetables,” explains Director Emina Mušović. However, despite years of experience and knowledge, they still needed external support. The Mušović family sought help from the EU through the IPARD programme.
“Without the EU’s support, we couldn’t even begin planning this substantial project. The project is worth over €2,000,000, and the EU has refunded around €700,000,” explained Emina.
This modern factory for processing fruits and vegetables is located in Tuzi. “We purchase products from over 500 local agricultural producers of fruits and vegetables. The current processing capacity is around two tons. We have a wide range of products and are continuously expanding,” emphasises Emina. They produce various juices which are 100% natural, jams, pickled salads, and marmalades. “Our products, under the name “Frudo,” can be found in all major supermarket chains as well as some smaller markets,” she adds. In addition to fruit and vegetable processing, the company will also start production of dry fruits and vegetables, and soon in tea production.
“Machine can do in an hour, what a person can’t wash in an entire day. Perhaps it would take even less than one hour. Thus, the capacity now is incomparably larger, faster, cleaner, and simpler,” explains technologist Dr. Marko Rakočević.
The fruit and vegetable processing factory covers an area of over 2,000 square meters with facilities for storing and receiving goods, in addition to cold storage. The factory employs 20 workers and the machinery they obtained through the IPARD programme helped them to significantly improve production. In the coming period, they plan to further enhance production, modernise the processing line, and expand their capacities, always counting on the support of the EU, as Emina points out.