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Miljanić Dairy: A Perfect Mixture of Tradition and Modernity

Roots are the main driving force of nature as all the strength and power of life resides within them. The story of the Miljanić family farm is precisely a tale of family roots, tradition, and a love for the countryside and nature. Radivoje Miljanić is an economist and a banker. He says his devotion to horses and goats developed in his childhood. “I am countryside man, raised in Banjani. That love for animals, especially goats, has followed me throughout my life. A career in the banking sector wasn’t fulfilling, so I decided to leave it all behind in order to work with goats and dedicate the rest of my life to my home village,” recalls Radivoje.
Initially, it was a small herd of around fifty animals and the modest temporary facility. Over time, with considerable effort, knowledge, and sacrifice, and with the support of the EU through the IPARD programme, they expanded and modernised their production. Today, Miljanić Dairy is one of the leading dairies in Montenegro.
“We have achieved European food standards. Through the IPARD programme, we acquired equipment and upgraded our facility to meet all the necessary requirements, from milk reception to the final product. Today, I can safely say that we are a success story,” highlights Radivoje. “We produce premium category cheese from full-fat milk. We uphold high-quality standards. We apply the HACCP standard, and we are currently in the process of obtaining the HALAL certification,” he adds.
Miljanić Dairy produces seven types of goat cheese and sheep cheese. Their most renowned cheese is the ‘Lider,’ which was present on the royal table during Prince Charles’ visit to Montenegro.
“Only our cheese successfully passed the strict laboratory controls in United Kingdom at that time. We take pride in the history of Lider,” emphasises Miljanić.
While the Miljanić family aim to modernise their production, they also preserve tradition, being the sole producers of the traditional Montenegrin cheese. “This cheese matures in a lamb’s skin for about 120 days and is later vacuum-sealed. It is one of our most flavoursome cheeses and currently it is highly popular,” said Radivoje. “Last year, this cheese won the award for the best cheese at the Fair held in Novi Sad.” The products of the Miljanić family farm are a perfect mixture of tradition and modernity: crafted following the traditional Montenegrin recipes and enriched with contemporary technological methods. With the support of the IPARD programme propelling them forward, the Miljanić family is writing their own success story. “We will continue working on improving our production, we won’t stop. We are preparing for a new IPARD programme,” concludes Radivoje.