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Dive into the exciting world of EU Green Week

This week at Europe House, there was a true celebration of nature, sustainability, and fun for everybody.

With a wide range of events and activities, EU Green Week captured everyone’s hearts. A Workshop on Green Skills was held, during which youth worker Ivana Fuštić spoke to the youngsters at Europe House. She explained to them how to love nature and how to protect the environment.

Marija Marković, better known as Marun, showed pupils what kokedamas are and how to make a terrarium.

Through play, the children created spaces for whole little worlds, for grass, animals, and flowers inside the glass containers.

The pupils created their own unique terrarium, which they will use to observe nature in a fascinating and extraordinary way.

The colour green also took over our social media feeds because of the greenest photo contest, “What’s Green in Your Week?” We received photos of nature from a whopping 100 participants.

The winners of the photo contest were rewarded with Marun’s plants.

Award winning photograph on photo-contest “What’s Green in Your Week?”

This recognition will encourage them to continue exploring nature and nurturing their love for the environment.

Award winning photograph on photo-contest “What’s Green in Your Week?”

In addition, in collaboration with the UNDP Montenegro, Green Week organised a Scavenger Hunt.

Young people gathered at Europe House to answer questions about environmental protection and the European Union. This activity was educational and immensely enjoyable, providing young individuals with an opportunity to learn something new and have fun.

To mark World Environment Day, in cooperation with the Agency for the Management of Protected Areas of Podgorica, Europe House installed eighteen permanent panels, which will serve as a permanent exhibition space on Gorica Hill. Representatives from Europe House and the Capital officially opened the first exhibition titled “Protect What You Love – Biodiversity of the Protected Areas of Podgorica.

EU Green Week was a true spectacle that combined entertainment, education, and environmental awareness. Organised with the aim of inspiring people of all generations, this week, we hope, has sparked a love for nature and reminded us of the importance of preserving our planet.

EU Green Week once again urges us to collectively build and live in a more sustainable future.