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Meet the SHEroes and their skills

To mark International Women’s Day, Europe House is launching the “Skill SHEroes” campaign, celebrating women who have acquired new skills and successfully transformed their careers.

What do an economist who practices in embroidery, an English language professor who grows mushrooms, a graphic designer who creates terrariums, an economist who designs jewellery, and a tourism expert who specialises in graphic design have in common?

You will find out during the “Skill SHEroes” campaign, which is dedicated to women who have gained or discovered their skills and changed their careers.

“We encourage women to engage in the job market, to improve themselves, and to consider starting their own businesses. Our campaign highlights women who are exceptional examples of courage and perseverance,” said Manja Babić from Europe House.

As part of the campaign, we will introduce inspiring women who have discovered their skills and turned them into professions.

Meet the women who inspire and advocate with their lives that anything is possible. Dijana Marković is an English professor who dared to trade the classroom for a farm and dedicate herself to mushroom cultivation.

“Be brave and persistent in pursuing your goals. Don’t be afraid of change. With European funds and education, your dreams are achievable,” said Dijana.

Biserka Raičević has woven her love for creation into her dreams and became an embroidery artist. Although she worked as an economist for most of her life, as a hobby, she continued to engage in traditional handicrafts she learned in her youth.

“Change your profession and engage in a job that fulfils you. Happiness is the key,” advises Biserka.

Slađana Noković learned the basics of graphic design through online courses and now she works as a graphic designer at COINIS.

“Perhaps your talent is the very thing you gave up on. Don’t give up on your talents. Perseverance pays off. Change is not easy, but it is possible and beneficial,” says Sladjana.

Marija Marković, known as Marun, is a graphic designer who turned her love for plants into a true profession and specialised in creating terrariums.

“I’ve been growing plants since high school, and that collection has only grown. Terrariums have always fascinated me. Everything behind glass, untouchable. It was incredible to me,” said Marija.

Tijana Živaljević is an economist and writer who designs jewellery. Out of great love for Lovćen and the design of nature itself, she creates unique silver jewellery inspired by the flowers of Lovćen.

These women are unique, inspiring, and courageous. The “Skills SHEroes” campaign celebrates their bravery and contribution to the economic community.

As part of the campaign, Europe House is seeking new SHEroes and wants to hear about their skills. Whom would you highlight as a brave woman who follows her dreams? Whom would you say bravo to for their courage and skills?

Nominate your SHEro by the end of March and give her a chance to be heard. Send an email and a short description of your SHEroe to The five most inspiring stories will be rewarded with unique prizes.

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