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“Women’s Conversations” at Europe House

Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your skills

“Women’s Conversations” at Europe House began with an inspiring story from Biserka Raičević.

Biserka wove her love for creation into her dreams and became a goldwork embroiderer. Although she worked as an economist for most of her life, she pursued the traditional crafts she learned in her youth as a hobby.

“Goldwork Embroidery is the crown of my career. I worked in finance for 18 years, another 18 years in the wedding dresses business, and I hope to continue with embroidery work for the next 18 years,” said Biserka at the panel organised at Europe House within the campaign “Skill SHEroes.”

Unique, inspiring, and courageous. Biserka, Dijana, Marija, Tijana, and Slađana are the faces of the campaign organised by Europe House to mark International Women’s Day.

These brave women decided to listen to their hearts and pursue their talents, embarking on a new journey of their lives.

However, as Biserka said, after losing a job, it’s hard to find a new path.

“There were tears, sleepless nights, and stress, but there was no giving up. It takes great will, perseverance, and desire,” Biserka said.

Marija Marković is a graphic designer who turned her love for plants into a true profession and now specialises in creating terrariums.

She has always grown plants, or so it seems. As she says, it was hard to resist it with a grandmother and mother who dote on violets.

“I started making terrariums without a plan. I found my peace there. When I make terrariums, I feel great love and satisfaction,” Marija said.

She added that taking care of her plants is a way of taking care of herself, as well.

Slađana Noković is a tourism graduate who learned the basics of graphic design through online courses and now works as a graphic designer at COINIS.

“While I was growing up, I realised that there is something good in everything I do, and I can learn from every experience. That’s what still drives me to believe in myself, my abilities, and my skills, because every lesson is important and useful,” she said.

 As Sladjana emphasised, it’s not frightening to give up on a profession if you believe in yourself.

Dijana Marković is an English professor who dared to trade the classroom for a farm and dedicate herself to mushroom cultivation.

“The career change came unexpectedly and spontaneously when my husband decided to start mushroom production. He is a lawyer by profession, but both of us come from families where agriculture was a very important source of income, and we were no strangers to working in the fields. However, mushroom production was a new venture for both of us,” Dijana recalled.

When they heard about the IPARD and MIDAS projects, they decided to apply and build the first facilities on the family estate in Tološi.

Dijana emphasised that EU funds encourage women to engage in agriculture.

As spring approaches, we can only imagine the scent of flowers from the slopes of Lovćen.

At the panel, we learned how former diplomat and writer Tijana Živaljević captured the beauty of those flowers with a camera and moulded them so they can be carried close to the heart like a piece of jewellery.

Can anything be as beautiful as the Lovćen flower?

 “I waited for this to turn into a collection. It lasted two years, and now I can say that it is truly beautiful because the collection lives,” Tijana explains.

Biserka sent an important message: “Be unique and don’t view other women as competition because only united women can create something. Don’t give up.”

Marija, on the other hand, also emphasised the importance of support.

“It’s important to have someone you can rely on. It’s also important to listen to your heart and to find what truly fulfils you,” she said.

Slađana added that every woman should believe in herself and strive to be the best version of herself. “Be persistent and brave. Change something if you feel it’s time for a change,” said Dijana.

Tijana believes that the key is to listen to what makes us happy and to move forward with love.

As part of this campaign, Europe House is looking for new heroines and wants to hear about their skills. Who would you highlight as a brave woman who follows her dreams? Who would you say bravo to for her courage and skills?

Nominate your heroine by the end of March and give her a chance to be heard.

Send an email with a brief description of your heroine to We will reward the five most inspiring stories with unique prizes.

To mark International Women’s Day, Europe House is running the “Skill SHEroes” campaign, celebrating women who have acquired new skills and successfully transformed their careers.”