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“ČEK” Thursdays at The Europe House

This fall we’re continuing to “check” topics you’re interested in, but in a slightly different way. “Thursdays at the Europe House” or ČEK – short from “Četvrtak u Evropskoj Kući” – is the name of our new activity. We plan to organise interesting events every other Thursday, such as workshops, lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, book promotions, and more.

We reserved the first ČEK event and the first Thursday of October for the psychological workshop “Meeting with Yourself,” which we are organising on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, in cooperation with the Centre for Psychological Counseling OKTA. During the four hour long workshop, psychotherapist Žarko Ivanović will talk about unconscious patterns of behavior, which are often obstacles on our path to success, happiness, and health. We will also offer answers and other possibilities in order to support our own wellbeing. The workshop will be held on O October from 17:00-21:00 CET at the Europe House. Due to the efficiency and productivity of the workshop, the number of participants is limited to 20 and the capacities are already filled, which shows that there was great interest in this type of event.

We will dedicate the next ČEK event to the promotion of Pollinator Park, the wonderful world of pollinators in virtual reality. Visitors who sign up for this experience will have the opportunity to try on the Oculus VR glasses and “walk” through the virtual world of pollinating insects. Pollinator Park is a combination of a zoo, a theme park, an interactive museum, and a crystal ball, which takes us to the year 2050, showing what kind of future awaits us if we run out of pollinators.

In November, we plan to promote the children’s book “Đurđa introduces you to the snakes of Montenegro,” authored by Bojana Uskoković Krvavac. If you are interested in finding out what else we plan to organise until the end of the year, we suggest that you follow the notifications on our website and social networks, where we will publish timely invitations to join us in ” CHECKing”.

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