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Get inspired, get involved, get skilled.

The European Year of Skills aims to address skills gaps in the European Union and boost the EU skills strategy, which will help reskill people thought the focus on digital and green technology skills. In the heart of  this vibrant initiative fostering education and skill development, Europe House organised a dynamic landscape of activities.

Join us on a journey through the organised events which are illuminating the path towards a more inspired, involved and skilled Europe:

STEAM café

Europe House marked the International Women’s Day with the panel discussion aiming to promote STEM professions among the youth, especially young girls. Important message was convayed: “Science (S), technology (T), engineering (E) and mathematics (M) are for girls”. It is very important  to empower young women and encourage them to let prejudices and to not be afraid of traditionally, male-dominated fields.

The Internet and Us

Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are just some of the useful digital tools in the world of freelancing. This is what students, architects, designers, engineers, and other participants had the opportunity to hear about during the “Internet and Us” workshop.

Marking International Day of Happiness

Psychologists and psychotherapists from the NGO Portret, Jovana Strugar and Branka Ćalasan, packed a “suitcase of psycho-tools” and together we “traveled to the centre of the story” to mark International Day of Happiness at Europe House.

ČEK: A digital workshop for seniors

Through the workshop “The Internet and Us: Tools for everyday use,” Snežana Nikčević from the NGO 35mm showed the step by step process of how our elderly fellow citizens can use certain applications that significantly save time and energy.

We learned how to scan documents using a smartphone in different forms and how to send scanned documents to different platforms.

Marking International Day of Girls in ICT 

Europe House marked International Day of Girls in ICT with a workshop on digital skills. Students from the elementary schools Oktoih, Pavle Rovinski, and Milorad-Musa Burzan learned about the different types of programming and their advantages and disadvantages.

Marun’s Plants at Europe House

As part of the EU Green Week, Europe House organised a “green” workshop for pupils. They had the opportunity to learn about green skills and create their first terrarium. Youth worker, Jelena Fuštić, shared her knowledge with the pupils, while Marija Marković introduced them to kokedamas and plant terrariums, and talked about the art of creating floral arrangements.

Workshops at Europe House: Mental Health in the Business Environment

Europe House organised a series of free educational workshops on mental health in the business environment:

First Workshop: Setting Personal Boundaries at Work

Personal boundaries help us maintain a healthy and safe space where we can take care of ourselves, our emotional state, and our needs. During this interactive workshop, we explored what healthy personal boundaries look like. We learned what hinders us in setting personal boundaries and how this particularly affects the work environment.

Second Workshop: Anxiety at Work and Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome, or “Imposter Phenomenon,” is a specific condition in which we feel inadequate, less valuable, and as if we have somehow obtained a job or responsibility by mistake, even though we have the education, experience, and results that do not support this claim. During this workshop, we discussed anxiety at work, how to deal with imposter syndrome, and how to nurture empathetic and constructive self-talk to see ourselves in a more realistic light.

Third Workshop: Finding Balance and Preventing Burnout

In a world dominated by a culture of urgency, where we are under strong pressure to be available immediately and for everything, where work spills beyond the office and working hours, and the pressure to be successful in multiple areas has overridden our natural need for recreation, closeness, rest, and play – burnout under stress is a widely prevalent phenomenon. During this workshop, we learned to recognise our personal values and reconnect with ourselves and what truly matters in our life.

Fourth Workshop: Inner child at work-life skills

With Jelena Marković from Smart Change, during the fourth ČEK workshop dedicated to mental health in the business environment we talked about the part of our personality that easily gets upset during difficult conversations, the part within which many of our fears, insecurities, and mistrust reside, the part that panics when our boss suddenly calls us to a meeting or that has tremendous stage fright before an interview.

Workshop on artificial intelligence

Europe House organised a workshop dedicated to the skill of posing textual queries to Chat GPT, titled ČEK: The skill of posing textual queries to Chat GPT. This workshop, which was organised as part of the European Year of Skills, attracted participants from various fields of interest. This was the first of two workshops that Europe House organised in collaboration with the Montenegrin Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Transforming words into images

During the second workshop dedicated to artificial intelligence organised in Europe House, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with various AI tools that can be used for generating images.

During the 2023 Europe House coorganised: BESTutorial-soft skills workshop in cooperation with Best student organisation and four Soft skills Academies in cooperation with the EESTEC.

Europe House is proud to have supported the First Robotics League for Primary School Students within the framework of the European Year of Skills.

Teams, comprising 4 pupils each, were formed from 43 primary schools in Montenegro. A total of 58 teams tested their programming skills at the competition held at the Sports and Cultural Centre of the University of Montenegro.

Also through the support of the Europe House Montenegrin team of young roboticists participated in the Olympiad “First global challenge” in robotics, which was held this year in Singapore, and won third prize among the competition comprised of teams from 191 countries.

New year brings new opportunities to learn. Europe House is planning to fill 2024 with new interesting, inspiring and skills-building events. Join us as we multiply knowledge and beautiful memories.